July 9, 2013, 10:41 PM
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Playing video games has always been a part of my life. It started with consoles then it moved on to portable devices like the Gameboy. Then finally phones started having games. A major thing I have to consider when choosing a phone I get nowadays has to do with GAMES. Yep. You can start calling me dork, nerd, geeky – I won’t mind. As long as I have that kick butt phone with awesome graphics and even better games, I’m all set. I just recently made the switch to Samsung with their brand new S4. It was a HUGE transition for me but I’m really happy that I chose this phone. It’s soooo much better playing games on the S4, especially with the big screen.

See!! That's why I love BMO so much :")

See!! That’s why I love BMO so much :”)

At taping, we always like to joke around that it’s 90% waiting and 10% work time. So during that 90% I like to drown myself in my gadgets. A couple of my friends also got their hands on the spazzy S4 and they showed me a feature that was insanely cool! I guess I never really got to play around with it before because you need others with the same feature to actually enjoy it. Remember hearing this really cool song from your friend but not being able to get it because of certain restrictions? With the Samsung S4’s Group Play, you can easily make a group with a bunch of your friends and share music with each other! It’s actually perfect for those get togethers where you don’t have speakers. You can connect your phones on Group Play and play the songs you want all at the same time. Power of the music!



It’s also pretty fun because I have this one friend that gets suuuuper competitive when it comes to games. Since I’m a girl, I think he gets challenged because guys are supposedly better that girls in video games. I have to admit that he wins a lot of our mini battles but whenever I challenge him with Group Play and I actually win… OH SWEET VICTORY.

Most of the time, you’ll be out and about and won’t have WiFi for this app but you can always get BEST EVER PLAN powered by Globe – Plan 1599 at 24 mos the Lowest Tipid Plan offer. You’ll save up, plus you’ll get all the music, pictures and game challenges you want 🙂


Para Kay Mama
May 11, 2013, 8:42 PM
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Dear Mama,

I remember when I was young, Victor, Lauren and I kept jumping on the bed. We didn’t want to stop because we were having so much fun. You decided to pull a reverse psychology stint on us by telling us not to stop since we were having a blast. We eventually got tired but you kept reminding us that we better keep jumping since that’s what we wanted. Victor ended up crying and I soon followed because we were so tired. Lauren saw the two of us crying and ended up shedding tears as well – even though she had no idea we were crying. You then told us that when somebody says stop, you have to stop especially if it’s Mommy.


Mama & Lola

Mama & Lola


I remember your laugh. The way you sometimes chuckle but at the same time it makes a weird hiss. When you find something really funny, you end up having a silent laugh and only make a sound when you’re catching your breath. I love that you can laugh at almost anything.

I remember that you often make up things. We’ll be talking about something and then you’ll make up your own ending. Always guessing but you’re never really right. I always make my what-was-she-thinking face but I end up laughing in the end. I don’t know where you get the things you say but it’s hilarious. I could write a book about the ridiculous things you’ve said.

I remember when Dad and I would pick you up at the metro station. You always got off work late because you were working 2-3 jobs. You always told us that you wanted us to have a better life and that you didn’t want us to go what you went through when you were a kid.

I remember that when I’m sick, the first thing you do is make sure I’m in a jacket and jogging pants. You then tuck me into bed and feed soup to your weak “ate”. The chicken noodle soup never fails. I start to sweat and feel a bit better. You make sure that I take some medicine and let me down it with Gatorade. You always get the yellow flavor, which I hate. I always have to ask Dad to buy the red one but it’ll be too late because I’m already fast asleep by the time it gets to my bed.

I remember when I was in second year high school and you threw a notebook at me. My grades had gone down because I did nothing but use the internet. I cried but you apologized later on. You told me that I was being irresponsible and that I needed to get my act together. You got me a tutor for my math, science and earth science subjects.

I remember when you would come into my room and just snuggle up next to me. That’s how you would wake me up. You would always be so gentle when waking us up. A snuggle and a good morning kiss, with sometimes fresh breath) would do the trick.


I remember when I got my heart broken. You were right there beside me the whole time. You told me that someone else would come along. You told me that maybe the reason why we broke up was so that I could meet the one meant for me. I would cry a lot but you kept me sane. You held my hand when I needed the comfort. You also told me straight up what I needed to know, not just what I needed to hear.

I remember when you got your heart broken. It was about the same time I had mine torn into pieces. I felt for you but I guess it was difficult for me to understand. It was easier for me to move on from mine but I could see you were struggling with yours. What is a year to almost 2 decades? I wanted you to look at the way I did but I didn’t want to push it. I wanted you to move on at the right time. You would be okay for one second, and the next you were crying. I saw myself from before. I just wanted to squeeze out all the sadness, hatred and anger every time I hugged you. I wanted you to be happy.

Mama really does love a glass of good beer.

Mama really does love a glass of good beer.

I remember the day you left for the States. I didn’t think you would be leaving so soon. I didn’t know how long you would be gone for. But I wanted you to be strong. I was scared though. I was left with the responsibility of taking care of my brother and sister. Would I be able to take care of them just like you, mama? I didn’t want them to turn against me or tell me off that I’m “just their sister, not their mother”. Believe me, it was hard trying to teach them right from wrong. It was hard trying to lead them to a better path. It was hard just getting them to listen. But I knew that this only made me stronger. I knew you would be proud if I had done right for both Vic and Lauren.


I remember that there was a time when all my friends would look for you. They loved hanging out with you because you were so cool and so fun to be with. You would be their yosi buddy since I didn’t smoke. My friends always look for your home cooking and hospitality. They always love the stories you have to tell about your 3 little monkeys. I just loved that you treated all my friends like they were your own. You’re probably one of the mom’s of our barkada that they’ll always look for.


I remember when I told you that I was in love. I remember telling you that I wished you would let the anger out of your heart so that you can open your heart once again. I want the best for you, mom. I know that time and time again, you keep telling me that you will only love your children. But I do believe that maybe, someone will be out there for you to grow old with. Someone will be there to take care of your grand children with you. Someone out there will love you with all their heart and not once doubt you. Someone out there will love your children as his own. Someone out there will take care of you no matter how many wrinkles or flabs or how brittle your bones get. I believe that you can do the same.

I love you, mama. You may be on the other side on the world right now but that doesn’t change that I will love you forever and ever. No matter what we go through, no matter what hardships pass, I know it’s all for the better. I can’t wait for the day that you’ll stop working and move back here with us. We miss you mama, terribly. I wish I could make you breakfast on Mother’s Day but this letter will have to do for now.

Happy Mother’s Day, Inay!

P.S. Since I wasn’t able to make you breakfast, I found this really cool song that describes you. 😀


Gamer Girl: DOTA 2
May 3, 2013, 5:26 PM
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I have been and always will be a gamer. My love for games started in Kindergarten for our computer class. It was a really simple class. They didn’t teach us anything fancy. We were taught how to log-in and we could choose to do anything on the Macintosh desktop in front of us. Of course, anything meant choosing from simple math, memorization exercises, card matching and the like. Everything we did on the computer was basic but it was all educational. That was my favorite class back then.

Remember THIS?

Remember THIS?

I don’t remember when we got a Nintendo Entertainment System, but I was mesmerized by it. In our neighborhood, we would go biking a lot and one time, there was a garage sale. They were selling games for the NES. I got so excited because games were pricey and I probably only had Super Mario Bros (my ultimate favorite BTW). I ended up getting Pacman, Q*bert, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My love for games went on from the Nintendo 64, Gameboy, GBC, Game Cube, and the Xbox. Hindi naman halata na Nintendo talaga gusto ko ano?! :p I also had my fair share of PC and online games. Of course, we all fell into the trap of SIMS! Two online games that I will never forget: Neopets and… Ragnarok. Yes, it is true. I think I was more hard core when it came to Neopets though because you could do so much. Ragnarok was just something that I liked to play with my brother, sometimes with friends. I wasn’t too open about me playing Ragnarok in high school because I felt like a noob next to my classmates that were so hard core with their gaming.

Last week, my friend Fonzy invited me to go on his podcast to play some games. Since everyone has been raving about WoW, Dota and LoL, I decided to give it a go. Fonzy insisted what we try Dota 2. So I was like, yeah, okay… I got this. I didn’t see WHY people were so addicted but I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

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SUMMER DIARY: Wag Na Init Ulo Baby Playlist
April 24, 2013, 2:17 PM
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“Nilalagnat ang Pilipinas”

“Manila is like an oven”

“I am melting with this heat”


Not a day has passed that I haven’t seen tweet with people ranting on how insanely hot it is in the land of the Philippines. Seriously though, it is CRAZY hot! I would only appreciate this weather at the beach or after I’ve been stuck in a room with the aircon at full blast.

One thing that I think would help the weather though? Don’t let the weather get to you. Another way of saying it: Wag mong hayaan na pati ulo mo ay uminit din! I was listening to some music the other day the really just made me CHILL. Nawala na sa isip ko yung init ng araw dahil ang laming ng boses ng singers sa mga songs na yun. So here I am, doing my part for the community (sabi) by helping you guys cool down a bit, plus I really miss being a VJ on Channel V so here is my mini-summer-chill-the-eff-out-playlist:


Lykke Li – Good Gone
This girl could probably be the indie Lady Gaga in the sense that they’re both unique. Lykke Li likes to infuse a bit of dance into her videos and with “Good Gone”, I think you guys will probably have a kick at watching this video seeing a lola punching a lolo. Really, it takes the stress away. Hahaha


Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd cover)
Here comes Ellie Goulding once again making another kick ass cover. Remember Elton John’s Young Song? Yep, she made that the new loveteam song of the year. What I love about Ellie is that her voice really sends chills down my back.


Rihanna – No Love Allowed
Ok, ok, ok, OKAY! I know Rihanna doesn’t really belong in this playlist because her voice is more sultry and sexy. BUT HER VOICE IS THE EPITOME OF THE HEAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH. You need a little spice in your life. Plus, this is one of my favorite songs off of her new album. The song is just so chill and it just makes you actually WANT to lay out in the sun and embrace the heat! Ika nga, be positive. Ewan ko lang kung positive si RiRi sa kanta na to, pero go push nalang ang peg.


Frank Ocean – Strawberry Swing
Guys, Frank Ocean is sensitive…He listens to Coldplay. I think that has to go for everyone else that listens to them as well. This song just makes you forget about all the complaining. This song just makes you remember how your sweet childhood memories (AND HOW IT WASN’T BLAZING HOT BACK THEN! HELLO GLOBAL WARMING). Oh sweet, sweet memories… I could just drift off to sleep listening to Mr. Ocean’s tender voice…


Coeur de Pirate – Comme Des Enfants
I don’t understand a freaking word in this song BUT I LOVE IT! How can you not love a voice like this? Every time I listen to this song, I feel like I’m buying ice cream with my crush and we’re walking by the side walk then my ice cream falls to the ground and I get sad so he gives me his ice cream. But that would be kind of weird because it already has cooties right? Ew.


The xx – VCR
This song is my all time favorite. It always makes me feel good. Parang nakakalimutan ko ang lahat pwera ang isang tao. Theme song namin to eh. Ahem: I would like to dedicate this song to Crushie. HAHAHA. Alam ko ganito tayo in the future Zac Efron ❤ “You just know, you just do”


Alice Fredenham (Britain’s Got Talent) – My Funny Valentine
Isa pang ala-Rihanna. Teehee. But daaaamn! To quote Simon Cowell, “She has the voice of liquid gold”. She will make you stop whatever you are doing. You will forget all the hate in your life and fall in love with this girl, her voice, her whole being. I don’t care what rumors about her are out there: I LOVE HER VOICE.

SUMMER DIARY: Summer Beach Adventure (part 2)
April 8, 2013, 11:35 AM
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It’s 5am and we are stuck in a parking lot. Well, not really a parking lot… More like NLEX. I never thought that leaving at 5am would be a really bad decision especially since I thought everyone would be leaving the day before Maunday Thursday! I was wrong and I was heartbroken (hahaha big deal!). But seriously, I was semi-torn into pieces because instead of the usual two hour drive, it took us almost four hours to get from Manila to Subic! It was cray cray on NLEX because not only were people all going to the province, but we encountered 2 accidents and 2 stalled trucks. WHUT. It would’ve been cool if I had been asleep like everyone else, but I was the designated driver. I felt like my butt had gone flat during the whole trip! I figured that the exit going to SCTEX would take forever, so I inched my way to the far most right and exited at Angeles. From there, it was a breeze! There’s an exit to SCTEX from there plus there weren’t any long lines at the toll. Oh yeah.

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SUMMER DIARY: Annual beach adventure (PART 1)
March 31, 2013, 12:56 PM
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Our first year in the secret island

Our first year in the secret island


Every year, my barkada (we call ourselves Chicas) goes out of town for some R&R. It’s pretty funny how everything started. Last 2010, my friend Tiffany was telling me that her mom wanted to go to Anawangin for the holiday. I went ahead and invited myself hahaha! It was a pretty chill trip because there was only about 10 of us. Six of the Chicas were there namely Denise, Brenda, Tiffany, Erin, Tats and I. Tiffany’s mom took care of everything from food to water and a place to rest AKA tents. It was pretty fun but once we got to Anawangin, it felt like a refugee camp!


Tents, tents, tents

Tents, tents, tents


The place was so crowded and there was a helluva of a line to the bathroom and I did not want to know what was going on up in there. We had brunch there and decided to go around but my friends were getting bothered that I was becoming more of a tourist attraction rather than all of us enjoying our supposed vacation. One of the guys that was maneuvering the bangkas told us that there was another island that we could go to that barely had any people.

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Summer Loving
March 27, 2013, 2:34 PM
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Summer na! If you don’t have that beach body that you were working hard for (or rather working hard just staring at firspirations), ok lang yan. Sino bang may sabi na kailangan mo ng beach body para ma-enjoy ang summer?! Ang dami pang pwedeng gawin na hindi involved ang beach body na yan. Pero kung fit ka na o kung nagpapaka-fit, edi ikaw na! Bigyan na yan ng jacket :)) These are the things I plan to do this summer na pwedeng pwede mo rin gawin:


Since hindi mo nga na-achieve ang beach body, might as well enjoy food during vacation! My favorite things to eat when it gets scorching hot is halo-halo! I remember walking to the next barangay just to get my hands on some halo-halo. I would ask them to add bananas and gulaman! I wasn’t fond of ube before but now, having halo-halo without that is just so sad! Ube and leche flan are THE best things about a halo-halo for me. If you’re not into the typical halo-halo, another favorite of mine is banana con yielo. All you need for that is sago, ice, condensed milk and bananas (DUH). Any other fruit is a good substitute. I feel my tummy getting butterflies just thinking about it.


The long road ahead

The long road ahead

The best memories happen with the best people. It doesn’t matter if it’s a planned trip or a spontaneous one. It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive trip or a walang budget gimmick! Every year, my friends and I rent out a bangka and we travel to an island bringing just food, drinks and our crazy selves.

Den, Erin and Niko in the back

Den, Erin and Niko in the back

Most of the time I'm the designated driver because I have the biggest car.

Most of the time I’m the designated driver because I have the biggest car.

There was this one time that me, Adrianne and Janna decided to visit our friend Roxy’s taping in Tagaytay – and I drove. It wasn’t a hassle at all because it was a holiday so everyone was pretty much snoozing their day away at home. We visited Roxy on her set and decided to have some sizzling bulalo along the way. A couple of other friends followed and that’s what made it even better.



There have been numerous times that I’ve wanted to go swimming – most especially night swimming. I’ve never really been successful with that though because all the places that have a pool in Manila seem to close early. When we were in Subic during vacation, we were at a friend’s house and we all had the urge to swim. The house next door had a kiddie pool that was full of water. DEADLY. Since the housing area in Subic doesn’t have gates, it was easy for us to go next door. So as a joke, one by one we would go next door and start dipping our feet in the pool. We were all laughing so hard under our breaths because we would have to be as quiet as possible and the thought of being caught would scare us. HAHA! Everything went downhill when one of my friends slipped and fell into the pool. That caused a riot and then everyone started getting into the pool so we couldn’t help but laugh like crazy! The only downside to our good time was that we woke up our neighbors and they got mad at us for going on their property. We of course, said sorry and gave a little peace offering. That was really a night to remember though.

I was never really into sports but I’ve always loved going to the gym. I used to get intimidated by people who would go boxing at my gym because they seemed so sporty. One day, I decided to try it out for the first time and surprisingly, I liked it! Ever since my first boxing session this March, I’ve been going regularly. I box as a cardio before my regular weight training. It’s pretty funny because my boxing trainer always tells me that I’ll soon be ready to face my detractors.


Nakakaloka! Barumbado lang ang peg! I’m happy that I took that leap though to learn something new. I mean, you have two whole months to try something out before school starts again. For the working crowd, less traffic na lang siguro pupunta sa training center! Haha! This is the time to gain new skill that’ll not only develop your personality but you might be able to use these skills for future jobs. Hopefully next summer I’ll try to learn how to play an instrument.

There’s soooo much to do this summer! Hopefully I’ll be able to do a lot as well! I’ll keep you guys updated. What do you guys do during summer vacation?

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